Kitty Luv makes use of the advanced graphical features of your video card.  In order to run Kitty Luv, your video card manufacturer has provided up-to-date drivers for your video card.   By following the steps below, Kitty Luv, and all of your other games, will run faster and more smoothly than ever

Step 1:

When you’ve started your computer, but before you run Kitty Luv, right click on your mouse while at your desktop.

1. Then click on ‘Properties’.
2. Then click on ‘settings’.
The under the “Display:” you will see what type of graphics hardware you have. It will say either NVIDIA or ATI.
4.Then go to the respective websites for the proper card manufacturer.

Unfortunately, this is a very common problem with PC, regardless of the operating system since each of video card manufacturers frequently update their drivers.

Step 2:  Choose one of the following support options below, depending on the make of your video card:

Step 3:   Install the driver.

Step 4:   Enjoy Kitty Luv!

Still having issues? Is you’re version of Direct X updated?

1. Un-install any previous or partial installs of Kitty Luv.

2. Disable virus protection

3. Install the latest version your video card drivers by going to their website and downloading the latest free drivers.

4. Make sure that you have the latest version of Direct X. Currently Kitty Luv supports only Direct X 9.04c or greater. This is free from

5. Install Kitty Luv