Year after year, the video game market continues to grow. In 2015, in 2016, the industry made a record $ 91 billion in income. The predictions for this year are a lot more positive: $ 108.9 billion in revenues.

Mobile video games represent the biggest section of the industry’s profits. By the end of 2017, they are expected to reach$ 46 billion, representing 42% of the total market for gaming products. In contrast, video games for console represent 31% and video games for PC just 27%.

Video Games Market 2019

However, mobile video games are not the only growing trend in the market. Another appealing source of earnings is virtual reality. Analysts anticipate the growth of 104 % between 2018 and 2019. In fact, by 2020, yearly global revenues for Recreational Vehicle are expected to reach$ 28 billion, six times more than what is expected this year. Of course, just$ 4.5 billion will originate from the RV games themselves, but that’s still 20 times more than what the players were investing at the end of 2018.

The appeal of VR is growing. However, I think it likewise applies to mobiles. Generation after generation, mobile devices, and smart devices are becoming more effective. They already support virtual reality and enhanced truth video games, and as their innovations improve, experiences will become more economical, fun, and unique. Utilizing your phone with a wireless Recreational Vehicle headset is a lot easier and far more comfortable than using those for PC and console, far more expensive. These headphones are cheaper, do not have paddle cable televisions, and are available to anybody with a smart device.

I’m not stating that RV is the unique domain of mobile phones. However, I believe its growing appeal can be credited to the advancement of mobile video games more than to the hardcore players who buy the costly PSVR or HTC Vive.

Relating to the contribution of the hardcore crowd to the growing success of the video game industry, we can take a look at two segments: e-sports and online video gaming.

When it pertains to video games, e-sports is one of the fastest-growing markets, right behind VR. In between 2016 and 2017, e-sports incomes soared by 26%. Or, the figures themselves stay rather low, with $ 892 million in 2016 and a quote of$ 1.1 billion in 2017. The most excellent is the range of the e-sports scene. From incredibly competitive console games to free-to-play card games and MMOs, nearly every category of video games attempt to control the e-sports scene, with varying levels of success. Casino games have also seen some major increases in success over the past few years. Online casinos have been opening on a big scale and sites are doing big promotions to stay competitive. Sites like these are doing all sorts of bonuses to keep players interested.

The Video Game Market: Profits and Growth

Mobile, Recreational Vehicle, and e-sports are the hottest patterns of the moment. But the foundation of the market is, and will remain, the games. So that’s what I wish to concentrate on: games. And, more specifically, online video games.

The Most Popular Online Games of 2019

Playing online video games has never been more popular. In 2019, 575 million people are playing online games all over the world, not counting video games for free-to-play web browsers. This is an increase of 3% compared to 2016, and this figure needs to continue to rise progressively to reach 645 million gamers by 2021. Also, a fast evaluation of Steam’s official statistics page reveals that the leading five video games on the platform are online games. Not to mention the video games that are not on Steam, such as Overwatch and Hearthstone, which together have about 100 million players on all platforms.

So people play a lot of online video games. Howeve,r the more intriguing question is,” just what do they play? “There are a lot of genres and sub-genres to list, so let’s take a look at what kinds of games people play, both offline and online.

Best selling computer game key ins 2018

It seems that action, shooting, and role-playing video games dominate the PC and console markets. If we look at the popular category of mobile video games, the distribution is various, with puzzles, method and first place gaming.

MMO or MMOG games are popular online games. They include numerous players worldwide, who are interconnected on a computer system network. This is among their peculiarities: MMO video games are only available through this computer network. And as their name suggests, they can be utilized by many individuals at once. The video games can even continue even if other players are not connected.